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The ShopService At Sun Transmissions

With quality work and a no-pressure approach to selling. We educate our customers on their car’s specific problems, give them their options and allow them to make the best decision for their needs.

Transmission problems are very intimidating to most people. Not only are they costly, but it’s not uncommon for the work to end up being done more than once.
Cars, as well as transmissions, have become highly technical. It’s important to make sure you’re working with a shop that’s constantly training and following the latest information.

Unfortunately, there are shops out there that do advertise "Low Ball" prices, how do they get away with it? By not disclosing all that’s involved until after you’ve paid to have your car towed in.

An external diagnosis and an accurate evaluation of your car should be the number one priority!! How can they tell you how much until they know what’s wrong? BEWARE! There are no across the board prices.

Transmission prices are completely dependent on what internal parts are needed. How can they honor these low prices? By not replacing all the necessary parts. It’s called “cutting corners”.

And what about your warranty? What good is the warranty if the shop is no longer in business?!

At SUN TRANSMISSION, we see customers daily that have spent their hard earned money to have their transmission rebuilt, only to find out the shops they have gone to are no longer in business. So, now the customer that thought he was saving money has actually paid twice!

Sometimes it’s difficult to compete in today’s market. Stiff pricing, unrealistic advertising and the bad reputation of the automotive industry as a whole has lead to consumer wariness.

At SUN TRANSMISSION, HONESTY, QUALITY, SERVICE has been the foundation for our success. Your complete satisfaction will always be our main concern.