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I want to thank you Pete and Tony for the best experience a pearson could ask for at an auto repair shop, not only did you do everything as you said you would, but finished way ahead of time and fixed several things on my van from motor mounts to the air, at no extra charge, this is a top notch shop with honest caring people and i would recomend them to anyone anytime. Again thank you Tony and Pete, you guys are the best!!!! - Tommy

I had a truck with a turbo 350 and i called them up to rebuild it. They quoted me about 550$ if i brought in the transmission, so i did and i ended up finding out that every thing had to be replaced with a call the next day they said for 100$ more i would get a new case, new gears, and a new pump. They had it done with in 4 days and i have not had a single problem with the transmission and i have been really hard on it! its lasted a year so far with my driving. These guys are great! - Garrett robinson

It's hard to find people who are quite as nice as all of you, and it's hard to find words to say how many thanks are yours today. We appreciate all you have done for us. Your service was prompt and even the estimate quote was right on. We won't hesitate to recommend you! Sincerely, – Art & Flo, Wickenburg, Arizona

We just wanted to thank you for taking care of our car. It is really running great now. Thanks for taking care of our car problems. It is appreciated very much! Thanks again. - Stephen & Lynn

I want to thank you so much for being so kind to me & taking time to check out my transmission & to make me feel safe. It restored my faith in people. Who said there is no Santa Claus. - Jean

Just a quick thank you for all your special attention to my vehicle dilemmas. Your personal attention is greatly appreciated. See you soon with another. - Chrishana

I would not have been able to participate in the Holland International Softball Cup without your generosity. P.S. Team USA Arizona Sun Devils; Bronze Medal. Thanks So Much! - Kasey

With sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness. Thanks for coming to my rescue last Thursday. Your service is the very best in your business. - Fran

Thank you so much for your honesty and desire to please your customers. I came in with what I thought was a transmission problem. Tony was honest enough to let me know I did not have a problem with my transmission. He took the time and effort, to find out it was a broken axle. Even though Sun Transmission is not an all service shop. They fixed my axle anyway. I am so pleased I wanted to share this with others. Thanks again. - Mrs. Graham

I came in a couple of weeks ago with my 1991 Chevy Lumina Sedan. While driving, the car seemed unusually sluggish, terrible acceleration and a god awful rattling noise when shifting into drive or just sitting in park. I expected the worst coming into the shop, but was happily surprised at the outcome. We started the vehicle so you could evaluate the noise I was talking about and within a matter of seconds, you seemed confident of the ailment. You said "It sounds like your CAT." I looked at you funny not knowing the expression and you elaborated, "Your Catalytic Converter." I felt stupid and relieved at the same time. Stupid because I've worked on vehicles unprofessionally for years and I should have known better. All mechanics know that when a Catalytic Converter goes bad, it either plugs up, which is usually the case, or hollows out, which I myself have seen. When they plug up, an excessive amount of back pressure manifests in the exhaust, creating the symptom of lack of power simply because the exhaust gases are building up. The rattling was the element inside the converter, probably breaking up.

The statement to be made here is this. You had a genuine opportunity to take advantage of me by telling me anything and I would have believed you. Whether it be "Oh that noise is your torque converter" or "Your 4th gear bad" (this car is a 3 speed). Your integrity is inspiring and you are truly a diamond amongst a lot of zirconium in this business. Because of my experience with you, I would confidently recommend Sun Transmission to anyone. Thanks, – Nick